Area Manager (licensee) needed in South Florida for American Homestay Network

14Jan '17

Area Manager (licensee) needed in South Florida for American Homestay Network

The American Homestay Network is expanding and looking for a professional, passionate about international education to become an Area Manager in the South Florida Area. Homestay is a powerful connector of young adults and hosts, creating bonds and friendships that last a lifetime. AHN is looking for business-savvy advocates to spread this concept of person-person citizen diplomacy and to bring a welcome shift to the perceptions that foreign students are not welcome in the USA. You’ll have a chance to change lives, one person at a time and at the same time, earn a nice income.

AHN places tuition paying F-1 and M-1 students into homes as an alternative to standard international housing at high schools, language and vocational schools, colleges and universities. Families from overseas pay AHN a weekly fee to house and feed their students. These parents like the idea that a Homestay provides extra oversight to their children. Homestay is an option to help international students get acclimated to American life and/or provide alternative room and board because of religious, cultural or other special needs. AHN’s sister company, the Australian Homestay Network has found that Homestay is also a great option for students needing a longer orientation period than is normally provided by the institution.

Area Managers are responsible for overseeing operations in their region and assuring the successful experience of the guest students. Area Managers oversee the initial inspection of host facilities, oversee student-host matches and work with institutions to assure the well-being of these students. AHN provides 24/7 student support and in the unlikely event of problems, the Area Manager provides backup support for the student guests. Successful Area Managers are part Businessperson, part Ambassador, part Parent. They manage their territory under the supervision of the parent company, using an advanced reservation and CRM system, and are paid a percentage of the fees paid to the host families.

An Area Manager position with AHN should be considered a full-time job that will grow into a small business. AHN awards regional territories (like a franchise) but since the area manager doesn’t pay to join, they operate as a licensee. The company’s biggest licensee is in Australia and has 16 people on staff. Here in the USA, the biggest licensee operates from Seattle and has several staff members. Ideally, the licensee has some history in working with international students, but that is not required. What is necessary is:

  • an ability to manage client relationships and expectations
  • a sound business sense
  • excellent organizational and planning skills
  • ability to learn and understand new systems
  • good communication skills
  • proven success in business development
  • willing to learn and understand the day to day operations of the business model
  • accurate record keeping
  • ability to motivate and manage employees as the business grows

And a driving commitment to Quality reflected in the well-being of the international students, AHN’s customers.

Please visit their website to learn more about the American Homestay Network

One Area Manager is needed for South Florida. Interested parties should send a letter of intent to:

View more details here: AHN Florida Licensee Ad

If you are interested in Homestay, but not through the full-time Area Manager position, we encourage you to apply to be a Host. Hosting a foreign student can be a rewarding experience and can create lifetime bonds. It is also your way to show that America is a place where visitors are welcome. As a host, you would provide a student with a private bedroom and an agreed upon meal plan. You would assist the student in learning the local customs and transportation systems, as well as generally helping the student become acquainted with the American lifestyle. Students are encouraged to share information about their home cultures and countries in return making this an ideal opportunity for families with children or whose children have themselves gone off to college or left the nest. Hosts should expect to enjoy the opportunity of a unique cultural experience, a lifelong connection and the positive feelings that come from giving and sharing. Visit the AHN website to learn more and apply to become a Homestay Host