Discover Global Alumni

Discover Global Alumni (from US $10,000 yearly)


Discover Global Alumni creates a global alumni network in different cities or countries, and leverages them toward your strategic objectives, over a three year period. As a client, you provide us with the last known whereabouts of your international alumni and we do the rest. Discover Global Alumni is designed for any size institution and any budget.

How it works

Working with our global partners, we locate your alumni and organize alumni groups around the world. The size and range of these groups may vary depending on the number of graduates you have in the city, country or region, and will be defined when we start working with you.

We provide an expert project manager dedicated to your account. This project manager works with you throughout the alumni discovery process and the creation of your international alumni network. Your staff can monitor our progress at anytime using our secure AlumniOS™. After a three-year period, management of this alumni network is turned over to your institution, or you can choose to have us continue managing your global alumni.

Our goal is to promote a lifelong relationship between your institution and your international alumni. As well as setting up your network, we provide training and coaching on how to harness the power of your alumni into a platform that helps your institution achieve its global ambitions. A three-year subscription to the Global Alumni Relations eCourse (a US $1,485 value) is included in each Discover Global Alumni project.

Discover Global Alumni will:

• Identify and confirm location and contact information for your alumni using AlumniOS™
• Make initial contact and verify interest through social media, telephone, email or web surveys
• Engage in online and in-person meetings and discussions
• Establish consensus with institutional contacts on chapter location
• Solicit leadership volunteers for the alumni groups
• Establish a charter and governance for your groups, as well as mentoring the first leaders
• Engage chapters early stages of development, assisting with student recruitment, alumni networking, and supporting your institution’s in-country initiatives and fund-raising
• Keep your institution’s team continuously apprised of progress through our secure AlumniOS™

Year 1 >>

Focus on identifying, inviting, and informing alumni
• Research alumni contact information, update your database
• Build relationships with alumni
• Invite alumni to participate in various recruitment activities
• Profile alumni on social media
• Build reputation and brand for your institution

Year 2 >

Continue to identify, invite, inform – and invest in the alumni experience
Continue database management
• Develop leadership structure for new alumni body
• Develop alumni leader resources: job descriptions, business cards, volunteer training day
• Develop stronger social media strategy
• Agents and alumni plan recruitment events
• Alumni career networking events begin

Year 3

Emphasize the transition plan
• Focus on sustainability
• Opportunities to extend contract another three years