Global Alumni Relations eCourse

Global Alumni Relations eCourse

Created by Gretchen Dobson, a globally recognized leader in International Alumni Services, the Global Alumni Relations Course is your guide to building a lifelong relationship with your international alumni.

The Global Alumni Relations Course aims to improve the engagement of your institution’s network of internationally affiliated alumni, students, faculty, staff, community, and key partners to support and advance institutional priorities. The e-learning course provides an overview of global alumni relations and why your organization should invest in developing a global alumni relations strategy.

It is suitable for university, college and school administrators, promotional and regulatory agency staff and others who are interested in learning how to establish and maintain an engaged group of international alumni and brand ambassadors.

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This course consists of 12 modules

Topics include:

  • Planning a Strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Volunteer Management
  • International Database Management
  • Trends in Mobility, Employability, Partnerships and Fundraising Activities

You will learn to:

  • Understand the motivations for engaging your alumni network
  • Determine the value propositions for your organization
  • Assess your readiness to act sustainably with available resources