New Research: Global Alumni Management For U.S. Institutions

07Dec '17

New Research: Global Alumni Management For U.S. Institutions

New York, NY and Boston, MA; December 7, 2017 – Academic Assembly, Inc. (, a provider of global, strategic business services for educational institutions, and Intead (, a provider of global recruitment marketing solutions, today published their joint white paper entitled “Global Alumni Management For U.S. Institutions: the State of the Field 2017.” This publication describes the findings of survey of over 100 higher education professionals from U.S. institutions.

“International” or “global” alumni relations describes the outreach to, and engagement of, any internationally-located alumni.   This group includes not only students who came from abroad to complete studies at American universities, but domestic students who have relocated to other countries since graduating. A successful international alumni relations program can help universities increase global brand awareness, boost enrollment and fundraising, and create employment opportunities for current students and recent graduates.

In this white paper, Academic Assembly, Inc. and Intead report on the findings from a survey of 103 respondents working at United States colleges, universities, or other post-secondary institutions and involved in development, admissions, international affairs, or alumni management. Respondents were surveyed about their institution’s current international alumni management practices, their rating of the program’s consistency and effectiveness, their areas of frustration, and how much value they and their institutional leadership ascribe to the work of global alumni development.

Some of the key findings may be surprising to readers who recognize the importance of international alumni management.

  • While over 50% of respondents reported that international alumni management was “very important” to increasing international student recruitment and brand awareness, the same percentage reported that that their institution’s international alumni management program was not well-organized, well-resourced, well-planned, or consistent.
  • 65% of respondents reported having no dedicated staff time devoted to these efforts.
  • Nearly 30% of the sample did not feel that they receive sufficient internal leadership support.

Further information on the findings and our recommendations can be found in the full report which is obtainable here: Download Report.

Gretchen Dobson, EdD, Vice-President International Alumni & Graduate Services, Academic Assembly and Kate Mattern, Marketing Manager, Intead will be presenting the paper at the AIRC conference in Miami on Friday December 8, 2017 at 9.00 a.m.

Ben Waxman, CEO of Intead said “America has long held the reputation of alumni relations best practice, from independent schools to graduate programs. Our research, however, tests this notion when focusing on global alumni relations. We believe that this survey shows there is much more potential for programs who commit to going global.”

Gretchen Dobson added “For over 15 years my research has shown how international alumni relations programs need to be integral to institutions’ internationalization strategies, from student recruitment to better global brand management. Our report confirms that practitioners at American institutions also place a high value on global alumni relations but they recognize the need for more resources to do more. The cost of doing nothing will be greater than the cost of doing something.”

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VP International Alumni & Graduate Services


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