Springwood School is seeking Education Agents

05Oct '17

Springwood School is seeking Education Agents

Academic Assembly has been helping Springwood School expand its international student program. In the past five years, Springwood has enrolled 32 foreign day students to the school, those students stay with local families. Springwood will unveil their new dormitory later this month and is now looking to enroll 9th – 12th grade international boarding students into our new 32 -student residential facility.

International students enrolled at Springwood have come from the following countries: Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, South Korea, Finland, Norway, Zimbabwe, Vietnam and Paraguay. Springwood is a SEVIS certified school and fully able to do the I-20 paperwork for F-1 student visas.

Springwood is located in Lanett, Alabama, about an hour and a half southeast of Atlanta. It is on the Georgia border, next to the city of West Point. The area, once a global leader in textiles (see West Point-Pepperell) is now home to a sprawling new Kia auto assembly plant, a testimony to the areas strength and commitment to global business. Springwood provides a welcome home to international students. Its small, student-focused environment, nice weather and proximity to Auburn University are just a few reasons to send international students here. Low-cost tuition, a nice new dorm and a healthy commission are even more reasons. The area is also home to Point University, whose golf course is a few blocks from Springwood.

Prospective agents should complete the online application for consideration:

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Springwood will also be at ICEF-Miami in December to meet with prospective agents.