Alfredo Varela

Alfredo Varela, Ph.D.

With over 25 years of experience Alfredo Varela has worked extensively in all sectors of international education. Early in his career he served an ESL instructor, study abroad program leader, and international recruitment specialist where he developed an intimate understanding of all aspects of the field. He successfully implemented strategic recruitment plans at St. Mary’s University as Executive Director for the Center of International Programs, started the first semester-long study abroad opportunity in the kingdom nation of Bhutan as Dean for the Center of Global Education, and has successfully built ESL programs semester and summer programs at both institutions. Dr. Varela has also designed and managed innovate international partnerships with universities across Asia. He has served as PDSO and RO for over 10 years and collaborated with SEVP representatives in the implementation of SEVIS while working at one of the test schools in the early 2000’s. He is currently advising the cabinet-level Commission of Higher Education in the Philippines as they are sent to internationalize public and private higher education across the nation. Trained as a development anthropologist Dr. Varela has spent his career in-the-field “doing the work” amassing a wealth of information, contacts, and perspective.