Global Alumni Relations

GLOBAL ALUMNI RELATIONS – Integrated Solutions from Academic Aseembly


Global Alumni Relations involves outreach to and engagement with internationally affiliated alumni, students, faculty, staff, families, community, and key industry/governmental partners in the support and advancement of institutional priorities at home and abroad.

Unfortunately, most institutions have neglected their global alumni. While they may have excellent records for alumni close to home, in many cases alumni farther afield have been lost. This deficit represents a real missed opportunity for most institutions. This conclusion is supported by recent research.

Academic Assembly was co-founded by one of the world authorities in global alumni engagement, Gretchen Dobson. Our mission is to make global alumni relations affordable to any institution, large or small. Academic Assembly helps institutions build lifelong relationships with your international alumni family. Our solutions focus on staff training, readiness assessment, and on-the-ground efforts to search out lost alumni, identify local alumni talent, establish overseas alumni chapters, and tie alumni efforts back to larger strategic objectives. Our proprietary alumni relations platform, AlumniOS™ allows our clients to monitor our global progress any time, from anywhere.