Immigration & Compliance

Immigration operations may appear to be only a subset of international operations, but they are actually at the strategic core. Immigration related work consumes a huge amount of time for the staff handling them, and because immigration operations are also compliance matters, up-to-date training for all international officers – and leaders – is of utmost importance to an institution embarking on comprehensive internationalization.

A dean at a nearby institution allowed a foreign university delegation to tour the campus. The dean and other staff were called into the FBI field station for interrogation for ITAR violations. Academic Assembly helped us implement systems to reduce the risk of this happening here.

Efficient immigration operations and export control compliance impact strategy – for good or for bad. Academic Assembly’s training program and advisory services benefit institutional leaders and operational staff and ensure good outcomes.

We learned from Academic Assembly that presidents, provosts and deans must be engaged in setting standards as articulated in I-19s filed with DHS. Our prior approach was eroding our application conversion rate.

SEVIS for Presidents? Well, sort of. Presidents, provosts and deans do not need to know every detail of SEVIS. But knowing the key pieces help them better understand the process and be more effective leaders.

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Staff Training

Designed for immigration officers, PDSO/DSOs and anyone else involved in the logistics of managing international students and scholars, Academic Assembly’s Immigration & Visa Training Courses will help your staff become competent in U.S. federal regulations and procedures for foreign student and immigration advising and compliance.

The Essential Bundle is a series of e-learning courses that provides in-depth and up-to-the-minute insights into the various regulations, common interpretations and the best practice implementation of visa processing.

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