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International Student Health Insurance Portal

We at Academic Assembly have specialized in helping international students succeed for decades. We understand your pain. That is why we have worked to bring you the largest and most comprehensive health insurance provider network in the United States, UnitedHealthcare®. The healthcare insurance policies for international students, offered through this portal, are often more comprehensive and more affordable than those offered directly by your college or university, and are widely accepted. Use the form below to explore our portal to find the best policy for you, and to compare coverage. Find out more about American health insurance terminology for international students.

To renew your existing policy, go to the renewal center. For questions about these offerings, contact us.

Academic Assembly, Inc. provides insurance referrals as a convenience to international students. Academic Assembly is not an insurance company, insurance broker, insurance agent, or insurance claims agent, and has no role in the administration of any insurance products purchased through this portal referral.  All inquiries regarding policies purchased should be directed to PGH Global (www.pghstudent.com) and UnitedHealthcare.