Lydia Lazar, J.D.

Advisory Partner

Lydia Lazar

Over the course of a diverse career, Lydia Lazar has advised and represented senior leadership at environmental nonprofits, NYC’s municipal government, a global corporation and both a law school and a public policy graduate program. She is a former associate dean for recruitment and career services at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, and served previously as dean of international law and policy overseeing international student admissions (LLM) at Chicago-Kent College of Law. She was trained as an urban hydrologist and as an attorney, and holds an AB degree in government/international relations from Dartmouth College, a master’s degree in geography from Columbia University and a JD from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Ms. Lazar is active/admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois. Early in her career, Ms. Lazar worked as an executive reporting to the President of Waste Management International, and as chief of staff to the CEO of the Division of Public Services in the Department of General Services of the City of New York. Lydia has recently authored Dean Lazar’s Golden Guide: Pragmatic Career Advice for Smart Young People, which is available both in an English and Chinese edition.