If you are thinking of using agents for International Student Recruitment, think of Academic Assembly first.

Agent Start-up Program

Agent Start-up Program

Academic Assembly assists institutions who are just starting to use international student recruitment agencies, or who need help managing existing agency networks.

If structured properly, the use of agents brings credibility and awareness of an educational institution to global markets without significant costs in branding and marketing. Agents can uncover new niche markets and become a university’s eyes and ears in the local markets without massive investment in staff and infrastructure. Agent representation also can bring a practical fiscal dimension to student recruitment as agents are paid largely upon successful placement of students.

Developing successful relationships with student recruitment agencies requires a well-defined process for selection, operational support and quality control. Academic Assembly provides educational institutions with the tools and training to develop policies and procedures designed to nurture successful relationships. We help establish operational policies around agency use, vetting, evaluation and engagement, as well as establishment of safeguards around quality.

Our Agent Start-up Program is designed to guide institutions through the start-up of an agent program; to help universities understand and manage the risk of using agents, and to harness the reward that the agent business model presents.

Academic Assembly’s Agent Start-up Program involves:

  • Market Research: analyze your institution’s marketability overseas
  • Competitor Identification: explore what students and agents think of your institution
  • Prime Competitor Analysis and use of Agents: set benchmarks with competing institutions
  • Establish Agent Offer: develop Agent Handbook and marketing plan for agents
  • Prepare University for Agents: share and establish “Best Practice” documents, end-to-end process review, staff training and orientation
  • Solicit, Screen and Nominate Agents: oversee initial solicitation process to draw agents
  • Long-Term Business Opportunities: recommend future opportunities and new initiatives

This project typically takes from 8 months to 2 years and is designed to assure that your institution succeeds in this increasingly important, competitive and complicated space. Contact us to discuss the Agent Start-up Program.