Corporate Business Services


There is a sentiment in American education that says “we want our schools to run like businesses, but we don’t want businesses to run our schools.” From our perspective, we see education as an industry, and one of the most successful ones in the United States today. Delivering cost-effective services to schools is a fundamental part of Academic Assembly’s mission and the driving force behind the Business Services Division of our company. Supporting this goal is our group that provides resources to businesses who need help reaching the American higher education and secondary education market. As a contractor, Academic Assembly delivers guidance and representation to bring needed products and services to the institutions that don’t think like businesses.

The Business Services Division is ideally positioned to provide foreign companies a presence in the American market. Through its team of business-savvy analysts, marketing professionals and a market-friendly sales team, the company provides turn-key project management along with sales and business development services to enter the market or deepen market penetration.

In a consultative role, Academic Assembly’s knowledgeable team of experts and analysts is able to help businesses develop strategies and business plans. Academic Assembly’s market-tested executives can help businesses bring that plan to market with guidance on financing and strategic investor relations. The company can take a strategy and implement it through the development of a sales office with contracted staff or a network of trusted contractors and service providers.


The American Homestay Network is a perfect example of how this partnership works. AHN’s sister company in Australia has been very successful and has risen to be the leading homestay platform for the country. To boost their presence in the United States, they turned to Academic Assembly with a contract to provide market development services to the company’s regional licensees and establish initial institutional relations with the schools that would host the students and benefit from AHN’s network of overseas agents. Academic Assembly is providing coaching to licensees and outreach to schools and general advising to the leadership of AHN.