Immigration & Visa Training


One of the single most important parts of student recruitment is visa conversion. And, the single most important part of visa conversion is knowing what you are doing. As they say, the “devil is in the details”. With Academic Assembly’s suite of online professional training, can have confidence that your team will get the details right. Designed for immigration officers, PDSO/DSOs and anyone else involved in the logistics of managing international students and scholars, Academic Assembly’s Immigration & Visa Training Courses will help your staff become competent in U.S. federal regulations and procedures for foreign student and immigration advising and compliance.

The Essential Bundle is a series of e-learning courses that provides in-depth and up-to-the-minute insights into the various regulations, common interpretations and the best practice implementation of visa processing. Topics covered include:

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  • How to use SEVIS system, create & maintain records and manage alerts.
  • Updating the institutional I-17 and applying for recertification
  • Details of I-20 issuance, travel and re-entry
  • Addressing common situations encountered by Designated School Officials
  • Handling undocumented students
  • Understanding various immigration status
  • Defining who should be classified as an international student

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These courses were created by Advisory Partner Ron Cushing, one the leading immigration and operations experts in the field. Ron has been the Director of the UC International Services at the University of Cincinnati for over 20 years, where he is responsible for serving nearly 5,000 non-immigrant students, faculty, and researchers on an annual basis in the F, J, H-1B, TN and O visa classifications. With a meticulous eye for detail and a determination to get things right, Ron has become an authority on federal regulations and procedures and for 18 years his annual training workshop has drawn businesses, high schools, colleges and universities, teaching hospitals, religious seminaries, immigration law firms, and recruitment agencies.  Ron has trained over 700 individuals from hundreds of institutions across the United States and in multiple countries.

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