International Printing and Fulfillment

At Academic Assembly, we recommend that our clients create unique student recruiting publications for each region of the world, ideally for each country you recruit in. This allows for the cultural adjustments in the pictures and descriptions you present, plus allows you to include local student testimonials and focus on degree programs most desired in that country. Including a small welcome greeting in the respective foreign language is a nice touch, reassuring the parents that their children will be welcome at your institution.

When printing for overseas, you should also print on metric size paper, the most common being called A4. Bookshelves, file folders, file cabinets and envelopes are all oriented to the A4 paper and not the Standard 8 ½ x 11 paper we are used to in the USA. It would be pretty tragic to travel half way around the world, get an audience with an elite school, have them agree to put your publications in their reference library only to discover the door to their file cabinet won’t close and your publications end up getting filed in the trash! Almost all printers and scanners overseas are also oriented to A4, so your forms as well as your promotional material should be printed on A4.

You are going to need a lot of material when in other countries, as whether you are attending a fair or just at an open house, catalogs and printed material seem to fly off your table. Experienced recruiters tell of how they go through stacks of brochures and view books at every stop and cases of printed material at the big mega fairs/expos. Shipping that material from your campus can be expensive and you’re likely to run into all kinds of delays and troubles along the way with customs declaration forms, import duty and tariffs and the constant uncertainty of where is your marketing material. Some institutions will use catalog fulfillment services and freight consolidators like Air Concepts. AIRCONCEPTSUSA.COM are very useful, especially when you are participating in an organized tour.

It is for all the above reasons that we recommend to our clients that they print overseas for recruiting overseas. Academic Assembly has a network of trusted partners that can arrange for your printing to be done in countries that synch with your international student recruiting. India, China and Vietnam are places where printing quality is high, costs are low and logistics are such that you can resupply easily while you are on the road. In most cases you can get the material to your hotel in 2 days, duty free! Our network partners can also ship in small quantities, direct to your agents and to the schools you visit and do it in a way that coordinates with your visits. The money you save with international printing can be so significant that you can extend your visits and boost your local presence in other ways. Another way that Academic Assembly helps institutions “manage global operations, one piece at a time.”

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