Strategic Advisory


In Australia, most universities fund their international divisions with a slice of foreign student tuition – each semester, each year. This money goes toward student support, English language training, student activities, student recruitment and all the international initiatives that have made Australia famous in the field of international education. While kangaroos and koalas may be iconic to Australia, it is this formula that has put Australian universities on top as role models for the world’s universities.

To use financial analogies: to succeed in international education takes investment and sound strategy. As our role models demonstrate, if you constantly invest in your key asset you will get profound returns. It’s not as simple as setting up an annuity, but it is like managing a broad-based portfolio. To succeed in international markets your investments are your alumni networks, your agent networks, your faculty and research networks, your feeder schools and advisor networks, your vendor and contractor networks and your brand. With Academic Assembly, we can help you develop practical plans to take what works elsewhere and apply it at your institution and work to develop a dashboard for your ongoing assessment and tracking.

Academic Assembly can also provide an overlay of Risk Management and Risk Assessment for your international activities. We’ll look at the best practice of Duty of Care for your students, your staff, your institution. We’ll help guide you to sound decisions or provide you with resources to back the riskier ones. Our team of experienced executives and analysts can help vet partnerships and provide due diligence of your new ventures. Each project summary and recommendations goes through a screening process through our Board, an Academic Assembly differentiator.

Strategic Consulting for International Education projects includes:

  • Comprehensive Internationalization Strategy Development
  • Business Development and Investment Opportunity Review
  • Risk Management Audits and Risk Reduction Review
  • Operational Efficiency and Administrative Process Review
  • Administration Optimization and Reorganization Planning
  • Vendor/Partner Screening and Assessment
  • Student Recruitment Strategy and Process Review
  • Strategic Brand Assessment and New Program Development
  • Bespoke Research, Market Assessment and Custom Projects

Additional Academic Assembly Options